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Nu Dawn is a music publishing company certified and established through ASCAP as Nu good Dawn muzik publishing. Our task involves promoting our music catalog to recording artists; obtaining licensing agreements for scores, television, film, commercials and or video games.  And or promoting our own artist's music.  As music publisher, Nu Dawn would legitimize artists who do not have publishing allowing them to collect royalties so they're not leaving funds on the table. We could be your liaison to collecting and distributing your royalties. 

What kind of royalties can I collect? 

Mechanical royalties 

Synchronization royalty and or fees 

Print royalties 

Performance royalties 

Which is one of the easiest or tangible royalties to collect from if you are a performing artist. You don't need a publisher to do that. (But we can help


Here at Nu Dawn. It's about growth. It's a Nu Day. It's a Nu Dawn! It's time for us to learn and help one another.  It's time to bridge the musical gaps.  Indie music we learn and grow together.

Close your eyes and let your ears be your vision. Realize you create and subscribe to your own frequencies... Do you choose higher, subpar or lower level vibrations? Remember the World is YOUR oyster. Now where do you want to go?